1. Benedict Cumberbatch as one of the heroes of WWII and modern cryptography? Yes.


  2. A wonderful weekend with the bae in the bay.


  3. Out of sight, out of mind. Wasting less time on Instagram, Facebook, and Mail now that all shortcuts have been hidden away!


  4. Tour, part two.


  5. Tour, part one.


  6. Asante at the Maize Out, Lights On Notre Dame pep rally last night.


  7. Venice blues



  9. Tie dye with the broskis




  12. Levitating


  13. Entered a contest held by Everlane on Instagram to share pictures of where I’ve traveled. Each week, 10 photos are selected as “editors choice” photos - these photos then get to be a part of a gallery exhibit in NYC this fall.

    I guess this picture’s gonna be part of a gallery in NYC this fall, then. Thanks, Everlane!

    Check out the contest below!



  14. Walking with giants.

    Rodin artwork at Stanford.


  15. Road trip with the sister and the paps before she becomes a real person and starts work at Khan Academy.

    She has been blessed by Afro Jesus.